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Available physically on very limited pink and white cassette on our Big Cartel.

Debut video for "Little Victories" is available on our Youtube channel.

Released 31 March 2014
All rights reserved. PATRONS 2013

Recorded and produced by James Bragg, at Middle Farm Studios in Devon.


released March 31, 2014



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Rituals
These weathered hands, cold and cracked,
Need time to heal
Splitting sides reveal a truth
That you’re yet to feel

And I pray for the time
The pain in my eyes begins to subside
But my insides burn
As we take turns in spinal curves
God, what have we done?
The night defeats the sun

As my eyes reflect in the glass,
I’m shown a review of the past
An old friend
Who I knew so well
Has time really changed you this much?
Or is it some pitiful crutch
You’re clinging to?
You’ll slip soon

Signs that night is calling it a day
I guess the long forgotten dawn is on it’s way
And yet nothings changed

And I still wait for the time
When this loop in my life begins to unwind
But I’ll hold my tongue
Before this becomes transparent
And completely undone
Oh what have you done?

What if all we are is what we have
And what we have is nothing?
Do we forget the hopes we tried to live
And leave that one unanswered?

Yeah what if…

…I was wrong?
Keep that head held strong
Clocks are beating out of time
Brother, brother of mine. Brother of mine.

What if all we are is what we have
And what we have is nothing?
Do we forget the hopes we tried to live
And leave that one unanswered?
Track Name: Movements
Absence of mind
Caused by constantly trying
To desperately find
A perfect place to hide
In a prism of words, speaking something I don’t know
If my skin begins to crawl, would you take me to my home?
All doors are locked
And the ticking of clocks
They make me want to block
Off the sun if it knocks
But a love of this slump will defeat me in the end
Pathetic ramblings of a chump, worthless, destined to pretend

I wasn’t lost, but I felt salvation’s cost
And I will deny it

You weren’t there when I lost my way
A room becomes a prison day to day
Chained, tried, barely sane.
Recover your wounds
Have you ever wondered how this could last?
You’re a man, now act your age
Stop doubting the decisions that you made
If lost steps could be retraced
You’d realise that you are spiralling downwards

Cogs wind, they spiral and grind
This life is depleting
Can honour prolong us?
This life relies upon pride and honour
No longer

There was a time
When I lived behind lies
Now the cost of those crimes
Is destroying my life
But the path that I walk
Leads me too far from home
A diversion of sorts
Off a straight and narrow road
One of constant mistakes
Trailed with long forgotten plans
Wading through so must waste
So deep I can barely stand
In time I will learn
Shake the glass from my hands
Just ignore how this hurts
And become a better man
Track Name: Little Victories

A new day dawns
We start to mourn
The moments we’ve lost
Are clogging with rust
But chip at that lock
And those things will open up

Trapped in time
A watch that’s denied its purpose doesn’t stop
Just ticks on alone by itself
Heartfelt lines?
Oh what a surprise,
We’re filled with so much love
So please don’t feel you’re far from help
A better man, I know no one else

I know thoughts are still dissolved
In time you’ll grow
Only a mirror stopping you
From moving forwards

But hearts and heads are unresolved
There’s still discord
It’s time to admit to you
I have wanted
To feel like I’ve lost it all
I often wonder how you are

My friend, my friend, move on
Let’s set clocks to restart
My friend, my friend you’re gone
The clock ticks on
But we’re still young
And we’ll carry on
So hold onto hope you felt once before
And you’ll have won